East Coast Measurements supplies a variety of wire ropes ranging from elevator wire rope to ultra-super strength off-shore wire rope, that are well accepted by our Customers for their excellent performance under severe working conditions. Our wire ropes are designed under optimal conditions using computer aided programming, and manufactured in our advanced facilities with precision processing technology.
Since the whole manufacturing process of wire rope from raw materials to finished products strictly conforms to the quality control system verified by the ISO 9002 accreditation, highly stabilized and uniform quality ropes can be supplied to our Customers.
Products available are:
  • Stainless steel Wire Ropes and Cables
  • Steel Wire Ropes and Cables
  • Galvanized Wire Ropes and Cables
  • Vinyl Coated Cables
  • Steel wire control cables for automobiles, aircrafts, Cranes, Hoists, Mining, Towing, Drilling and Lifting Equipment
  • Prestressed concrete wires and strands
  • Multipurpose Wire ropes and Cables
Rope and Cable sizes from as little as 0.3mm to 50mm can be manufactured.

Any order or inquiry should be accompanied by following information for East Coast Measurements to process your request promptly:
1. Construction of wire rope:
7X19, 6XFI25+IWRC, 19X7, 6XWS36, 8XS19+FC and Etc.

2. Size: Diameter of wire rope(Inch, mm)

3. Grades of wire rope: Galvanized. (G.A.B), Ungalvanized. (E,A,B,C)

4. Wire rope lay: RHRL(O/Z),LHRL(O/S),RHLL(Lang's Z),LHLL(Lang's S)

5. Lubrication:Dry,Type A,B,C,D

6. Preformed or non-preformed wire rope

7. Wire rope core: FC (Manila, Sisal, Jute and Etc),IWRC,IWSC

8. Grade of wire: IPS, EIPS, XIPS

9. Specification: FS,BS,DIN,JIS,ASTM,GOST

10. Length: Ft,Meter

11. Packing:Wooden reel, Steel reel, Plastic reel, Coil

12. Quantity: Order quantity

13. Surface: Galvanized or Ungalvanized

14. Purpose of use: Fishing, Crane, Lashing and Etc

15. Remarks: Shipping marks and any other special requirements.
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